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The title of a complex project

The HR Director of the Holding appealed to us after several months of unsuccessful search.

After a detailed discussion of the application with HR and LPR (the person making the decision), we proceeded to search and select worthy candidates. A week later, submitted for review two summaries of selected experts, fully suitable for the description of the customer. ЛПР has refused to meet with them, referring to biographical shortcomings in the resume. It became clear that it is necessary to work not only with the market of candidates, but also with the Customer, namely with the immediate leaders of the future TOP.

In this case, a great assistant in achieving the overall result was the HR Director, who organized our meeting with the Holding’s TOP team to bring the positions closer together. At the general meeting it was found out that the management team has been working for many years in the Company, adheres to traditional views in management and has never taken people to the top positions from the market. Having discussed our candidates, we managed to remove all fears and insist on meeting with the most suitable, in our opinion, the applicant. The candidate received a job offer the day after the meeting with the customer.


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Olga Bikbaeva, the head of special projects

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