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Career development of the heard


The company TOP Recruiting offers an exclusive service “Development of the career of the Head”.

Many years of experience in solving various management cases together with our clients and candidates, as well as a deep understanding of the labor market, allows us to be effective conductors in the development of your career and assist in achieving your professional goals.

Cooperation with us can be most useful for you in solving a variety of career issues, among which may be:

  • Dismissal

    For one reason or another, you left the company in which you worked and are interested in operational employment in a new company.

  • The spoiled resume

    The last year (s) you often changed jobs for one reason or another and employers do not consider your resume.

  • Unfavorable situation at the current place of work

    There are problem areas in the employer company or significant contradictions with the key persons of the employer company that do not allow you to further plan your career there.

  • Confidential job search

    You made an internal decision to leave the company, but you want to do this only after finding the best alternative.

  • Career development

    You are ready for the next career level professionally and financially and look for opportunities for this.

  • Intention to find a job in a particular company

    You are interested in working in a particular company (s), but there is no way to go directly to it (for them) for a variety of reasons.

  • Desire to change the scope of activity

    You decided to radically change the sphere of activity in which you worked, start your career path again, and look for opportunities to do it with minimal losses.

  • Professional crisis

    You feel that you have exhausted all internal resources in your professional activity, you do not have motivation and inspiration from work, which inevitably affects the result; You are at an impasse and are looking for ways out of the situation.

To solve these questions we are ready to offer you:

  • Creating or modifying the content of the Customer’s resume,

    In accordance with the requirements of the market and the expectations of employers of interest to him.

  • Forming a Cover Letter

    (One and, if necessary, more than one option).

  • Formation of an attractive customer profile for the Customer on the main specialized resources,

    (Hh.ru, superjob.ru, linkedin.com, etc.), recommendations on the content of the profile on popular public resources (vk.com, facebook.com, etc.).

  • Providing general recommendations for career positioning of

    Yourself and professional communications on the Internet.

  • Formation of a pool of potentially interesting offers to the Customer (Long list), including:

    – Formation of a pool of potentially interesting offers to the Customer (Long list), including:

    – a pool of Employers who potentially can offer an interesting vacancy for the Customer in the future;

    – a pool of Employers from a closed market, the structure and scope of which implies the possibility of satisfying the Customer’s main request.

  • Formation of a priority list of employers for the Customer (Short list), including

    Information about the contact persons.

  • Providing the Customer with advisory assistance in cooperation with the employer, which may include recommendations on:

    – building your own presentation in a telephone and personal interview (what you can talk about and what not, what to focus on, how to structure the conversation, image aspects);

    – discussion of financial matters at the interview;

    – presentation to the interview of ambiguous facts (frequent job changes, lack of work for a long time, etc.), etc.

  • Providing the Customer with advice in resolving issues:

    – Building a strategy for the development of your future career

    – “painless” change in the field of activity

    – overcoming the professional crisis

    – diagnosis of unused professional opportunities and career guidance

  • Assistance in the promotion of the Customer’s candidacy to the Employer, agreed with the Customer in ways that may include:

    – Informing the Employer about the availability of a quality candidate, describing his professional advantages;

    – providing the Employer with recommendations for the Customer;

    – Organization of meetings of the Customer with representatives of the Employer.

  • Other actions, depending on your individual request.

Work to promote the development of your career is led by an experienced consultant in the field of employment of top managers, who possesses professional knowledge and skills in the field of career guidance, psychology, perfectly oriented on the labor market.

About the price

The format and cost of work is determined with each client individually based on the results of the first face-to-face meeting.

We will be happy to provide you with any additional information for making a positive decision about cooperation.

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