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Mystery Shopper

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“Mystery Shopper” service is a modern and effective method of checking the work quality of specialists in the field of sales and services, it includes:

  • Development of check lists (questionnaires) for secret buyers, adjusted for aim and format of the investigation, as well as corporate standards of the Customer’s company;
  • Individual pool selection of secret buyers and their detailed briefing, schedule planning and organization of visits;
  • Conducting audit by secret buyers and sending detailed individual reports to the Customer after each visit, call or e-mail. Formation of a consolidated report and provision of recommendations based on the conclusive results;

Our unique advantages:

  • Formed base of secret buyers corresponding to the client’s image of the premium segment of the construction market (age, representative appearance, personal car, experience of buying / selling immovable in the constructed facilities);
  • Great experience in performing complex and non-standard investigations for the construction industry (special inspections);
  • Deep knowledge of the constructing and developing market of St. Petersburg;
  • Providing the customer with unique and confidential information, which is necessary for making managerial decisions and organizational changes;

This method opens for the company the following opportunities:

  • To check the work of the staff on compliance with the company’s standards of sales / services;
  • To develop effective schemes for motivating the Company’s employees;
  • To identify “development zones” of employees and further compose a plan for the stuff training;
  • The inclusion of an additional marketing tool – the native and indirect advertising of the Company, as well as its products;
  • To form a comparative analysis of Competitive companies

About the price

The cost of the Mystery Shopper personnel assessment service depends on:

  1. Level of the position being checked
  2. Number of inspections
  3. Depth of audited standards
  4. Availability of special tasks for the auditor

And is discussed individually with each Customer.

We will be happy to provide you with any additional information for making a positive decision about cooperation.

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